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Valhalla Tours 2023

Wednesday 5 July 2023 £15Book now

Valhalla Tours 2023

Every Wednesday evening in July we have three special guided tours. The themes are chosen by the guides, so check to see what you might be signing up for - however we guarantee an interesting tour. Allow an hour and a half for your tour. The East cemetery will be closed on these evenings, so if you would like to see Marx, or others in the East cemetery, come before that side closes at 5pm (although some Valhalla tours may include graves in the East).

You can book using our standard link above - choose the tour you would like from this list and then book the time - it will appear as a Highlights Tour, but in the evening. We book tours four weeks in advance. 

5 July 
6.30 Martin Ransley - What's so Gothic about Highgate Cemetery: Wilderness, Ruins and Fragments, and if you must, the Pointed Arch!
7.00 Lily Flavia Silvestri - Women's History - you could say this is a Heritage tour
7.30 Hala Haddad - Love Triangles Beyond the Grave: Jealous Wives and Jilted Lovers 

12 July
6.30 Anya Hastwell - Purveyors of Prose and Wild Imaginations. It had barely opened its gates in 1839 before Highgate Cemetery became a place beloved by writers, not only as a source of inspiration for their work but as a place to rest for all eternity too
7.00 Simon Edwards: Fakers, Felons and Fraudsters - spend an evening with some headline makers
7.30 Peter Shewry - Stories in Stone: Sculpture and Sculptors

19 July
6.30 Richard Kuhn - Death By Any Other Name: a highlights tour of both sides of Highgate Cemetery, focusing on the symbols and images to be found on the wide range of memorials
7.00 Ben Nathan - East vs West! Compare free-thinkers, artists, businessmen and criminals buried on each side, as together we attempt to resolve, once and for all, which side of the cemetery is the better.Come prepared for a lot of walking on this wide-ranging East and West tour!
7.30 Richard Skelt - Musical Instrument, Music and (possibly) Trouble Makers

26 July
6.30 Henry Flynn - Numismafia - designers, makers and collectors of medals, art, sculpture and monuments
7.00 Charo Rovira - The Dead Speak - a walk through the epitaphs of Highgate Cemetery
7.30 Corinna Goldsmith - Flights of Fantasy: Highgate Cemetery in Gothic literature and film

Stonemasonry Workshop with Neil Luxton

Saturday 16 September 2023 £150Book now

Spend a day under the colonnade in the courtyard at Highgate Cemetery to work on your own stone slab to take home (A4, so you can bring an idea you have already designed to transfer to the stone - keep it relatively simple if it is your first session).Master craftsman Neil will guide you through the techniques needed to get the best out of your design, and tutor you on an individual basis as your work progresses.

Tea, coffee and biscuits provided - bring your own lunch.

10.00am to 4.00pm