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A sanctuary for urban foxes, safe from dogs

Highgate Cemetery is an excellent habitat for foxes. It is such a wildlife friendly environment and is perfect for them with plenty of wild areas. There are places to hide if they want to, bring up their young and great sources of food from their natural diet of rodents, birds, worms, insects and fruit. Yet the cemetery foxes are not without their problems.  For the last few years they have been suffering from sarcoptic mange, the most common infection in foxes, which causes them much misery.

Treatment for mange is by various means but none is that easy. Our fox guru, Karen Heath, prefers to treat foxes  in their own environment with a one-off medication in food. It is quite costly but very effective.  As soon as medication is given they start to feel better as the discomfort and scratching abates but it takes several weeks and even months for their fur to grow back properly. With healthy coats and bushy tails they are much admired by most of Highgate Cemetery’s visitors.

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