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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a local resident to buy a grave?

No. As Highgate Cemetery receives no funding from the local authority, there are no residency restrictions. We are a cemetery for the world, but most people buried here inevitably have local or London connections. 

Can I scatter ashes at Highgate Cemetery?

No. Unfortunately there is no space for scattering ashes at Highgate Cemetery. Cremated remains must be interred in a grave. 

Is there still space available for burials?

Yes. Highgate Cemetery is still an active burial ground. But as space is very limited, we sell graves only for immediate or imminent use. To qualify, you must be

  • over eighty
  • terminally ill, or
  • already own another grave in the Cemetery.

How can I find out if I have a relative buried here?

You can check our online burial register to find out who is buried here; it's free.  We offer a paid-for grave search service to help you find the grave; you're very likely to need it! Head over to our Searches page for full information. 

Could Catholics be buried at Highgate Cemetery?

Yes. Catholics could be buried in the unconsecrated sections of Highgate Cemetery which were 'set apart for the purpose of Christian burial therein' of non-Anglicans. The Burial Laws Amendment Act 1880 permitted them also to be buried in consecrated ground 'either without any religious service, or with such Christian and orderly religous service at the grave' as was thought fit. The Act also allowed an Anglican minister to officiate at a burial in unconsecrated ground.