OPEN DAILY 10AM - 5PM march to october. CARD PAYMENTS ONLY.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get to Highgate Cemetery?

Please visit us by walking, cycling, or public transport

Our address is Highgate Cemetery, Swain’s Lane, London N6 6PJ. Download our handy map

Plan how to get here at or Public transport may be affected by engineering works and station closures. Please check your journey in advance.

There is a bicycle rack outside the West Cemetery gates.If that's full, there are other racks further down the hill. 

Why do I have to pay to visit Highgate Cemetery?

Established by a private company, Highgate Cemetery was abandoned by its owners once it was no longer profitable, and eventually rescued by the charity which runs it today. The local authority had the opportunity to take over the cemetery but declined to do so. There are no regular public funds available to keep it running, so its future is in your hands or, rather, in your pockets.   

Thanks to your support, works to maintain and conserve the cemetery continue, supported by a huge number of volunteer hours.  

What would Karl Marx think?

Yes, it's surprising that you have to pay to visit a cemetery.  But it's even more surprising that Karl Marx chose to buy a grave for his wife from a private, profit-making cemetery company when a public cemetery was available not that far away. 

Unfortunately cathedrals and even major parish churches are now having to charge visitors to make ends meet. But, just as they don't charge people to attend services, we don't charge mourners to visit graves; free passes are available from the grave owner. 

Is there parking available?

As there is no off-street visitor parking, we encourage you to leave your car at home if possible. Parking restrictions are in place on the surrounding streets between 10am and 12 noon Monday to Friday. After those times and at weekends, on-street parking is free.

We keep a small number of parking spaces for grave owners and visitors with disabilities. Visitors with disabilites may contact us to reserve a spot. 

Do you have a cafe?

We have very limited food and drink options. The 'Colonnade Cafe' in the West side courtyard is operated by an independent contractor. Please check their website for opening times and menu. 

A wider selection of cafes, restaurants and food stores can be found at the bottom of Swain's Lane or up in Highgate Village. There is also a cafe in Lauderdale House

Visitors may bring their own food to eat in the West side courtyard, but we ask that you take any rubbish away with you. 

What are the rules for visitors?

Our 'Visit' page has most of the things you should know, but here is the published list of rules.  They can't cover all eventualities, so should you wish to know more, please contact us. 

How long are the guided tours?

Our 'Highlights' Tour normally takes around 70-75 minutes. It covers the west side of the cemetery only. 

Can I make a film or have a photoshoot?

Filming and photography is allowed for personal non-commercial use only within the limits below. For everything else, a permit is required. Please contact us for information. 

We ask first and foremost that you respect the privacy of those visiting graves and attending funerals.

Many people find images which use the Cemetery simply as an edgy backdrop to be disrespectful. They are out of character with an active burial ground which is a landscape of love.

We forbid 

  • fashion or costume shoots
  • music videos
  • advertising, and
  • anything to do with ghosts, vampires, or the undead. 

This list is not exhaustive. If in doubt, please ask.